Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Changes

General information

  • FTE is calculated by dividing the weekly hours by 40. E.g., a 20 hour work week is 0.5 FTE (20/40=0.5 FTE).
  • FTE changes are NOT allowed within the first six months of a position following open recruitment unless specifically noted in the posting
  • Employee Requested vs. Employer Requested
    • Employee requested FTE increases or decreases are allowed with supervisor approval (be sure to review possible benefit impacts)
    • Employer requested FTE increases are allowed with proper advanced notice if based on business needs (consult with CALS HR)
    • Employer requested FTE decreases are generally NOT allowed – this may be a layoff situation (consult with CALS HR)

Submission of change request

  • Units shall provide request with all relevant details via email to CALS HR. Details include:
    • Current and proposed FTE
    • Effective date
    • End date (if temporary)
    • Whether the request is being made by the employee or the employer (provide documented agreement if possible)
    • Short explanation about why the change is being requested
  • Processed via JEMS Job Change
    • Note: CALS HR will draft appointment change confirmation letter