Research Division

The CALS Research Division facilitates research in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

We strive to help researchers meet compliance regulations and to foster the ethical stewardship
of research funds and sponsor expectations.

Research Division Contacts

Mark Hubbard
Director of Research Services
(608) 265-2286

Brittney Greeno
Grants & Contracts Specialist
(608) 265-5329

Sarah Johnson-Schlueter
Compliance Manager
(608) 265-3752

Martin Lea
Grants & Contracts Specialist
(608) 890-1909

Laurie Luther
Grants & Contracts Specialist
(608) 262-0325

Megan Maguire
Lead Grants & Contracts Specialist
(608) 265-8443

Katalin Vinkler
Contracts and Agreements Specialist
(608) 263-5499

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