Outside Activity Reports


In order to identify potential or actual conflicts of interests, faculty and academic staff must annually disclose outside activities and financial interests related to their field(s) of work at UW-Madison via an Outside Activities Report (OAR).

Filing an OAR

  • Submit reports online at Outside Activities Reporting home page.
  • Reports are due by April 30 each year
  • Reports must be filed by personnel below, even if no outside activities have taken place

State and University policies require annual reporting of outside activities from:

  • Faculty members, including those with 0% appointments
  • Academic staff with 50% or greater appointments
  • Anyone listed on a Federal grant or Human Subjects Protocol, including students
  • UW-Madison Conflict of Interest Policy

What Must Be Reported?

  • Outside compensation
  • Leadership positions
  • Ownership interests

For a complete list of reportable and non-reportable items, use the link below.

Individual Conflict of Interest: What to report

Updating an OAR

An OAR must be updated whenever there is a significant change in:

  • Outside activities or financial interests
  • Relationships with outside organizations
  • Research activities

OARs must be upated within 30 days of acquiring a new outside financial interest. Investigators with Public Health Services (PHS) funding that miss the 30 day requirement will need to meet an additional review process.

Training Requirement

UW-Madison COI policy requires that all investigators engaged in federally funded and/or human subjects research complete training in Financial Conflict of Interest.

Sub-recipient investigators on UW-Madison PHS awards must also complete UW-Madison COI training, if the sub-recipient has agreed to comply with UW-Madison COI policy.

  • COI training is offered online
  • See the  COI Training page for registration instructions and additional information.
  • COI training must be completed every four years

Review Process

Conflict of Interest Committee

OAR submissions are reviewed annually by the UW-Madison Conflict of Interest (COI) Committee.

The COI Committee determines whether conflicts exist and assigns COI management plans in cases where significants conflicts are found.


General Compliance Questions

Sarah Johnson-Schlueter
Compliance Manager
(608) 265-3752

Campus COI Contact

Stephanie LeRoy
(608) 890-4460
COI Program
at coiprogram@research.wisc.edu