Occupational Health


The Occupational Health Program (OHP) is dedicated to the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety by serving as a technical and professional resource for the UW-Madison campus community.

The OHP has credentialed safety, industrial hygiene and training staff to help assess hazards in all workplace settings found on the UW-Madison campus. Visit the Animal Safety at Environment, Health & Safety for the safety training for individuals with animal contact. Visit the Environmental and Occupational Health site for information on ergonomics, bloodborne pathogens, respiratory protection and hearing conservation.

Animal User Safety Training

  • In addition to RARC Animal User Orientation training, all personnel who work with live animals in research, teaching or outreach must complete one of the following online training:
    • Safety for Personnel with Animal Contact geared towards the laboratory
    • Agricultural Safety, geared towards livestock use in a farm setting.
  • To complete one of the following go to Safety for Personnel w/ Animal Contact or Agricultural Safety on the Environmental, Health & Safety site and self-register for a course depending upon your research needs.

Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire

  • After completing Occupational Health Animal User Safety Training, animal users must complete an online Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire.
  • See the University Health, Environmental and Occupational Health, Animal Contact web-page for information on completing the questionnaire.
  • Information reported on the Risk Questionnaire is kept confidential and is viewed by University Health Services, Environmental & Occupational Health medical staff only.

Bloodborne Pathogens Program

  • The Bloodborne Pathogens Program protects employees who may be exposed to human blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIMs) in the laboratory.
  • All labs where exposure to blood or OPIMs is possible must implement a written exposure plan and lab employees must complete the Environmental and Occupational Health Bloodborne pathogen training.

Respiratory Protection

  • For further information on respiratory protection and to complete the medical surveillance and subsequent fit testing process; refer to the University Health Services, Environmental & Occupational Health Respiratory protection site.


  • UHS provides Ergonomic services free-of-charge to eligible UW-Madison employees to promote health and safety, decrease injury potential and Worker’s Compensation expenses, and increase productivity.