Chemical Safety


The UW-Madison Chemical Safety Office works with the campus Chemical Safety Committee to establish policies, related to safe handling, storage and disposal of chemicals on campus. The Chemical Safety Office also helps chemical users develop best practices to comply with federal, state, and local chemical and environmental safety laws.

Visit the Office of Chemical Safety’s website for resources to develop your laboratory Chemical Hygiene plan, staff training opportunities and Chemical Safety Office contacts. Working safely with hazardous chemicals in the workplace takes planning. It is important to work with chemicals in a manner that reduces risk but be prepared to respond to an unexpected incident.

Chemical Safety Program for Laboratory Environments

Identify Hazards by completing the Laboratory Emergency Information Card, this is critical to first responders. Keep this up to date.

Prepare a laboratory-specific Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Keep a laboratory specific inventory of all chemicals include the amounts, when purchased and expiration date. Remove all expired or never used materials to prevent clutter and reduce risk of chemical reactions due to aging of materials. Assistance with Chemical Pick-up is available through the Chemical Safety Office.

Need help preparing a Chemical Hygiene Plan or inventory? You can request a Chemical Safety Laboratory Visit.  Learn more about this on this page.

Hazard Communication Program for non-Laboratory Environments

For units that work with or use hazardous chemicals in vivariums, maintenance shops, custodial operations, etc. The Hazard Communication program includes a chemical inventory, labeling, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), a written program and employee training. Go to the Environmental, Health & Safety/Facilities for detailed information on  the Hazard Communication Standard.

Worker Protection Standard for pesticide handlers and agricultural workers

Please see the UW-Madison Pesticide Use Policy and the EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) guidance documents for more information.


In person training provided by the Chemical Safety Office staff for workers in the laboratory environment with hazardous materials. See information for the Chem Safety training and other training courses available for non-lab employees: Fume Hood Use, Hazardous Chemical Shipping/Transportation, and Hazard Communications.


Liquid Nitrogen Safety Video, from Northwestern University at: