NIFA currently has two electronic systems for reporting on their awards. REEport is used for non-capacity awards and NRS is used for Hatch, Hatch-Multistate, Animal Health and McIntire-Stennis (capacity) awards. When a capacity grant report is due, Casey Hillmer will contact the PI. NIFA sends automated emails with reporting deadlines for non-capacity awards.

Use this link to access NRS: This site requires a new special login so, contact Casey Hillmer if this is your first time logging in.

Use this link to access REEport:

If you have any questions on which system to access or when a report is due, please contact Casey Hillmer at: 262-2397 or

Why are Reports Necessary?

Since UW-Madison is a Land-Grant University and receives Capacity funding, CALS is required to report all research funding, regardless of the source, via REEport or NRS.

Completing Reports

Several different types of reports are required during the lifecycle of a project:

Project Initiation Reports (new projects)

Projects are established in NRS by completing a Project Initiation Report. Project Initiation Reports are required for new Hatch, Hatch Multistate, Animal Health, McIntire-Stennis, and NIFA awards.

When Project Initiation reports are needed, Casey Hillmer will facilitate initial setup, and will contact the PI with instructions for completing Project Initiation information in NRS.

Progress Reports (now called Results)

After a project is set up using a Project Initiation Report, an annual progress report (results) is required. Annual Progress Reports are due in January of each year for capacity awards.

PIs will be notified of the due date and provided with instructions for completing Progress Reports.

Final Termination Reports

When a project is completed, a Final Termination Report is needed in order to change its status from active to completed. A final report is meant to cover the life of your project. You should summarize all major activities and accomplishments achieved while the project was active.

When a Final Termination Report is needed, Casey Hillmer will contact the PI with instructions for completing Final Termination information in NRS.

Capacity Grants are vital to the CALS research mission; failure to file timely reports puts our continued receipt of these funds at risk. Please make every effort to complete the reports quickly and accurately.

If you need assistance, please contact Casey Hillmer at