Program Information

Federal capacity grant programs managed by WAES include:

Animal Health

Animal Health grants support research that relates specifically to diseases of food animals and/or horses.


Hatch formula grants support a wide range of research focused on establishment/maintenance of a permanent and effective agricultural industry in the United States, in accordance with the Hatch Act and USDA-NIFA goal statements.


McIntire-Stennis formula grants support forestry research, in accordance with the McIntire-Stennis Act.

Hatch Start-Ups

Hatch Start-Up grants are similar to traditional Hatch grants, however, funding is available only to new faculty who have recently accepted a position with University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Hatch Multi-State

Hatch Multi-State grants are similar to traditional Hatch grants, however, these grants provide funds for cooperative research employing multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems that concern more than one state. Proposed research must fit within the objectives of funded Multi-State projects.

Other Multi-State

In addition to Hatch Multi-State, other Multi-State activities are also available.