Animal Health Formula Grant

Animal Health funds support research relating specifically to diseases of food animals and/or horses. Studies of normal structure, function and process cannot be considered for support by Animal Health funds, regardless of the fact that the science is indeed worthy or of its importance as a basis for comparison with the disease state.

Proposals that target animal health problems caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoal and helminth parasites, and those of a noninfectious nature are given priority. Proposals should discuss the significance of the disease process to be investigated, particularly as it relates to animal health in Wisconsin.


Animal Health funding is open to faculty members in AHABS. Faculty from other colleges and universities may serve as collaborators on a project.

Selection Criteria

Each proposal is judged on appropriateness of proposed research for formula funding, quality of the science, and likelihood of successful achievement of those goals.

The award criteria for funding for Animal Health projects is slightly different from that followed for Hatch, Hatch Multistate or McIntire-Stennis proposals. The intent is that these limited funds go to support the very best science studying important problems of animal health in Wisconsin. Specifically:

  • There will be an open competition within the Agricultural Experiment Station for these awards, regardless of department, extramural, or intramural (Hatch) support being received. Although status as a new faculty member will be acknowledged and taken into account, it will not be the principal criterion for award of funding.
  • The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) Research Committee assigns two reviewers on campus with expertise in the subject area of the proposal. Reviewers are asked to review and rank the proposal according to published guidelines. The SVM Research Committee meets as a panel to establish overall rankings of scientific merit and these recommendations are forwarded to the SVM Associate Dean for Research for final funding decisions.

Proposals are recommended for funding in order of relative ranking with preference given to projects of immediate importance to animal health in Wisconsin. Project duration is up to three years.

Authorizing Legislation

Animal Health and Disease Research Program

Section 1433 of Subtitle E (Sections 1429-1439),
Title XIV of Public Law 95-113 (7 U.S.C. 3191-3201),
as amended, 1981.

SEC. 1429. “It is the purpose of this subtitle to promote the general welfare through the improved health and productivity of domestic livestock, poultry, aquatic animals, and other income-producing animals which are essential to the Nation’s food supply and the welfare of producers and consumers of animal products; to improve the health of horses; to facilitate the effective treatment of, and, where possible, prevent animal and poultry diseases in both domesticated and wild animals which, if not controlled, would be disastrous to the United States livestock and poultry industries and endanger the Nation’s food supply; to minimize livestock and poultry losses due to transportation and handling; to protect human health through control of animal diseases transmissible to humans; to improve methods of controlling the births of predators and other animals; and otherwise to promote the general welfare through expanded programs of research and extension to improve animal health.”