Interview and Relocation

Interview Expenses

All job applicant interview candidates must comply with UW–Madison transportation, meal, and lodging maximums as well as receipt requirements outlined in our travel policies. Partial payment/reimbursement may be considered, but all candidates interviewing for the same position must be compensated equally.

Personal Household Relocation Expenses

CALS Relocation Reimbursement Policy:

CALS departments and centers will use the Employee Relocation Award to pay for costs associated with a relocation. Prior approval must be obtained from CALS Business Services Associate Dean.

We will no longer reimburse direct expenses, which requires receipts to support costs and separates direct and indirect costs of the move.

  • An Employee Relocation Award is a lump sum, one-time, tax reportable payment to an employee in lieu of reimbursing the employee’s expenses or directly paying vendors for the costs associated with the employee’s relocation including travel costs and temporary lodging.
  • Prior approval requests are made with the Relocation Authorization Letter. The intent is the Employee Relocation Award to be the only payment made by the University related to the employee’s relocation.
  • An Employee Relocation Award is made through the University’s reimbursement process not more than 30 days in advance of the employee’s relocation (move) date.
  • The payment of an Employee Relocation Award does not require receipts, quotes or use of contract movers. Departments may, however, require them as a best practice.
  • Important Note:  Beginning January 2020, the UW System will require all personal move relocation payments to have 30 percent withheld from the reimbursement.
  • Please see the detailed Campus policy which can be found at the link below.

CALS Dean’s Office Moving Expense Support

CALS will provide a stipend of up to $5,000 for new faculty moving expenses. A department may wish to provide an additional stipend and are free to do so.

Advertisement Expenses

The department/center is responsible for all costs.

Recruitment Funding Responsibilities