Cash Management

Cost Transfers

Please create transfers using the Cost Transfer Tool immediately. You can login using your netID and password at

When completing the Details section of the transfer, please begin your text with the Department ID and funds involved. For example, if you are transferring from fund 144-AAB8768 to fund 101, start the Details as, “073600: 144 to 101.” You do not need to include the project number. Then, explain why you are transferring the charges, just as you normally would. This helps routing at the division level.

All transfers involving 133, 142, and 144 funds require backup documentation. Scan the paperwork and attach the files electronically via the Documentation tab on the transfer.  See RSP’s policy for transfers on 133 and 144 funds as well their policy on transfers more than 90 days after the fact here.

Please be aware that Comments are part of the permanent record and may be subject to audit.

Lastly, records in the tool will not be purged. Printing is not necessary for record retention purposes.

For help with the tool, please contact the assigned CALS accountant.

Custodian Fund

Inter-Departmental Billings

Meeting Expenses

Payment to Individual Report (PIR) and Direct Payments


Non-employee travel expenses must be reimbursed through e-Reimbursement.

For information to assist you in determining if a service is employment or as an independent contractor, please refer to:  UW System Administration Policy 235: Personal Services Payments


Please contact your CALS Payroll/HR contact.


Check visa status when completing forms. Visa requirements determine for what a non-resident can be paid or reimbursed.

Salary Default Funding: 233-AAH5592, 128-PRDFLT

When payroll fails to post to its intended funding source, the charges are applied to a CALS level payroll or to a campus level default fund. Campus does not stop the payroll process to fix funding errors. Instead, the salary is charged to either 233-AAH5592 (previously 101-PRJ45KY) or 128-PRDFLT (PRDFLT is a project id). WISER should be used to reconcile salary postings because the information pulls from the financial records; HRS edit reports do not.

It is an expectation that departments will review 233-AAH5592 monthly for wayward salary (credits as well) and create their own salary cost transfers. To ensure 233-AAH5592 always has a zero actual column, Limin Tang, of CALS Business Services, will contact departments if a salary posting appears motionless.

Lastly, it is important to note that even though these are default funding strings, they do pull into the non-sponsored section of the effort reporting tool (ECRT). So in other words, salary paid on these projects could affect effort reporting, and, depending on when the cost transfer is processed, affect two effort cards.