Global Day 2024: Roundtables

The roundtables provide a chance to network, learn more about opportunities on campus, and workshop your ideas for global engagement. Once an hour, each roundtable host will provide an overview of their unit and programs.


Connect with UW-Madison colleagues that are interested in or currently engaged in Africa.

Hosted by Olayinka Olagbegi-AdegbiteAfrican Studies Program, International Division

Cross-Campus Collaboration

Learn about examples of and resources for building international cross-campus collaborative projects.

Hosted by Elise AhnInternational Projects Office, International Division

East Asia

Connect with UW-Madison colleagues that are interested in or currently engaged in East Asia.

Hosted by David Fields & Laurie DennisCenter for East Asian Studies, International Division


Find resources that can help transform innovations into products and services that change the world.

Hosted by Abram BeckerDiscovery to Product


Connect with UW-Madison colleagues that are interested in or currently engaged in South Asia.

Hosted by Eleanor Conrad European Studies, International Division

Faculty Opportunities in Study Abroad

Learn about how faculty can get involved in study abroad from promotion to starting your own program.

Hosted by Meg Langie International Academic Programs & Brett SchieveCALS Study Abroad

Fulbright & International Fellowships

Find guidance on Fulbright applications, international fellowships, and sabbaticals.

Hosted by Mark LillelehtFulbright Office, International Division

Global Business in Wisconsin

Connect with UW-Madison colleagues that are interested in or currently engaged in global engagement within the state of Wisconsin.

Hosted by John Garnetti & Nikki JavurekOffice of Business Engagement

Global Community & Sense of Belonging

Learn about UW-Madison’s global diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Hosted by Faran SaeedInternational Division

Global Health

Learn more about the Global Health Institute’s One Health Center network from the Global Health Institute. Learn more about undergraduate offerings and information on the Global Health Major in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences.

Hosted by Calyn OstrowskiGlobal Health Institute, & Todd CourtenayGlobal Health Undergraduate Programs

Globalizing Curricula

What does it mean to ‘globalize’ a course and more importantly how to accomplish this in ways of value to students but also to those they interact with through the program. 

Hosted by Sachin TuliWisconsin School of Business

International Partnerships

Learn the details of setting up an international agreement and how campus is utilizing the Wisconsin Directory of Global Engagement.

Hosted by Maria VishnevskyInternational Division

International Status

Learn about immigration options for visiting faculty, staff and scholars

Hosted by Jennifer Taylor, Irina Punguil Bravo, & Victoria ThompsonInternational Faculty & Staff Services, International Division

Internship & Research Abroad Student Advising

Interested in doing research or interning abroad? Learn about the process and opportunities!

Hosted by Kimberly HarnInternational Academic Programs


Learn more about the cross-regional and globally themed programming happening on campus in an effort to understand our increasingly interconnected world.

Hosted by Csanád Siklós and Essie Lenchner IRIS NRC, International Division

Language Learning Opportunities at UW-Madison

Learn about the university’s diverse language programs and about connecting language learning to careers.

Hosted by Dianna Murphy & Jana MartinLanguage Institute

Latin America & the Caribbean

Connect with UW-Madison colleagues that are interested in or currently engaged in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Hosted by Alberto Vargas , Sara McKinnon & Sarah RippLatin American, Caribbean, & Iberian Studies Program, International Division

Less Commonly Taught Languages

Learn more about UW Madison’s less commonly taught languages offered through WISLI, and related programs administered in the Language Program Office in the International Division. 

Hosted by Chris Carlson, Kerry Uniyal, Ryan Goble, & Kylie HollandLanguage Program Office, International Division


UW-Madison librarians have subject expertise from around the world. International & Area Studies (IAS) librarians use linguistic, cultural, and geo-political expertise to build and curate specialized collections across disciplines & geographic regions. Science & Engineering Librarians guide students & staff to scientific literature & offer support throughout the research process. Learn more about these collections and services.

Hosted by Anlin Yang, Larry Ashmun, Karen Dunn, & Heather ShimonUW-Madison Libraries

Middle East

Connect with UW-Madison colleagues that are interested in or currently engaged in the Middle East.

Hosted by Tsela Barr Middle East Studies Program, International Division

Peer Mentors

Find out how to get involved with the International Peer Mentor Program as a Mentee or Mentor.

Hosted by Jay Stokes International Student Services, International Division

Peace Corps

Learn more about Peace Corps, find volunteer openings, and connect with returned Peace Corps volunteers.

Hosted by Hannah BennettPeace Corps, International Division

Research Funding

Learn more about submitting new large grant proposals.

Hosted by Troy Runge, Matt Ginder-Vogel & Colleagues – Research Leaders from across campus

Russia, Eastern Europe, & Central Asia

Connect with UW-Madison colleagues that are interested in or currently engaged in Russia, East Europe, & Central Asia.

Hosted by Sara Lomasz Flesch & Jennifer TishlerCenter for Russia, East Europe, & Central Asia, International Division

SDG360 Thinking

Implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is essential for equitable and prosperous human development, and a strategy called SDG 360 Thinking provides a structure for this work.

Hosted by Lori DiPrete Brown4W Initiative and School of Human Ecology

Service Learning & Volunteer Opportunities

Find ways to connect with global communities on campus, in Wisconsin, and beyond.

Hosted by Cory Sprinkel & Anika Rice Morgridge Center for Public Service

South Asia

Connect with UW-Madison colleagues that are interested in or currently engaged in South Asia.

Hosted by Sarah Beckham & Andrea FowlerCenter for South Asia, International Division

Student Immigration Advising

Learn more about student visa requirements and talk with an International Student Advisor.

Hosted by Moldir OskenbayInternational Student Services, International Division

Study Abroad Exploration Student Advising

Learn more about the study abroad process and program options from professional study abroad advisors and returned study abroad students.

Hosted by Rebecca JohnsonCALS Study Abroad & Anna NordhausInternational Academic Programs

Visiting International Student Program

Learn about how to set up short-term academic study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for international students in your department.

Hosted by Jayne Arnold, Mee Her & Kate RyanVisiting International Student Program

Wisconsin Alumni Association

Hear from the Wisconsin Alumni Association and their international alumni engagement priorities.

Hosted by Lora KlenkeWisconsin Alumni Association