Budget Worksheet Guide

A budget worksheet must be completed for each year of funding requested. Additionally, a cumulative summary must be integrated into the cover page.

NOTE: The budget worksheet now includes a timeline component. This additional tab in the budget worksheet document must be completed in order for proposals to be considered.

Instructions for using the Excel budget worksheet

  1. For budget numbers, enter Yr 1 first, this pre-populates the cover page.
    • The standardized Excel form is designed to expedite preparation of yearly budgets.
    • This Excel budget is required in your submission.
  2. Begin by entering data for Year 1.
    • Category totals for each Year will carry forward to the cover page.
  3. Requests for less than four years should leave the unused years on the budget worksheet blank.
  4. The RA stipend and fringe rates are fixed for all years. When it’s time for award, the RA program rate will be loaded.
  5. Do not use more than a 4% yearly increase projection for all other types of personnel requested.
  6. Tuition remission is unallowable for the budgets. CALS will cover the cost.


If you have any questions regarding the Excel Budget Worksheet, please contact:

Casey Hillmer, casey.hillmer@wisc.edu or (608) 262-2397.