Graphic Design Support Request

PLEASE NOTE: The publications team is currently engaged in a major undergraduate recruitment and promotion project and is temporarily unable to take additional design requests at this time. For this reason, the design support request form has been removed from this page. It will be replaced when the team is taking requests again.

The publications team in the CALS External Relations office is available to help CALS departments and programs increase their visibility through strategic, eye-catching print and digital materials. This includes creating signage, brochures, posters, advertisements, announcements, invitations, etc., as well as graphic and web design consultation.

Please complete the online form below to initiate the process and help us understand your needs. While filling out the form, please keep the following in mind:

  • In addition to the the time needed for designing, please factor in five (5) business days to your deadline for the printing of materials.
  • Some projects are more straightforward than others. Once we evaluate the information you submit, we will follow up with you by email within five (5) business days to outline the production schedule, request any outstanding information, and, if needed, set up a meeting with you.
  • January, May, and September are heavy production months for our unit. Please plan accordingly.
  • Our publications team is small and our resources are limited, so we may not have the capacity to take on every request presented to us.

Questions? Please contact:

Janelle Jordan Naab, Graphic Designer, or Nik Hawkins, Publications Manager,, (608) 890-3912