Student Award Payments: CALS Department Process


Student award payments, which are payments to students NOT tied to services rendered or prizes for contests and competitions open to the public, were previously paid using Payment to Individual Report forms (PIR).  CALS Business Services has developed the Student Award Payment Form to replace PIRs when processing payments to students.  Previously account code 3750, prizes and awards, was used for student award payments, however new guidance from the Bursar’s Office and Accounting Services is to use account code 5711, program code 9 (academic related scholarships) or 5709, program code 4 (research related payments) when processing student award payments.

  • Use this form to submit student award payments to CALS Business Services for processing (instructions below)

CALS Student Award Payment Form:  Department Use

  • Use this guide when determining how to pay a student based on the description of the payment being made

Bursar’s Office Student Payment Guide

General Information:

  • Department financial personnel should complete the form
  • In order to use this form, recipients must be UW-Madison students and be enrolled in the applicable term (i.e. Spring 2023)
  • If the student is a Non-Resident Alien (NRA), please contact CALS Human Resources
    • Payments to NRAs must be made through payroll and cannot be processed using this form
  • Welcome Checks are now processed the same way
    • Please contact Noelle Wilharm with questions.  Please use the instructions for Student Payments.

Detailed Instructions

  • Select whether the student is a graduate student or an undergraduate student
  • Select whether the student is a resident/resident alien or a non-resident alien
    • Payments to NRA must be made through payroll
  • Fill in the student’s last name, first name and middle initial
  • Enter the student’s Campus ID or Student Information System ID (SIS ID)
    • Do NOT provide a student’s Social Security Number
    • The SIS ID is different than a student’s campus ID, which typically begins with 9 and is also ten digits
  • Enter the amount of the scholarship and the related funding string(s)
    • Account code 5711, program code 9, should be used for awards that are related to academics. Scholarships, poster contests (only open to UW students), and other academically related competitions should use 5711.  If the award is related to research, account code 5709, program code 4 should be used.  Travel awards related to presenting research and summer research program stipends should use account code 5709.  Welcome checks should use account code 5711 and program code 9. If you are unsure which code to use, Noelle Wilharm  (Sandy Fowler as backup) should be consulted.
  • Enter the term (i.e. Spring 2023)
    • If a student is NOT enrolled in that semester, please contact Noelle Wilharm (Sandy Fowler as backup) to discuss alternative payment options
  • Enter the program name (i.e. Annual Department Scholarship)
  • Describe the student payment in detail
    • Example: Student won a poster contest that was only open to UW-Madison students
  • Attach documentation describing the award (award letter, website announcement, email notifications, etc.)
  • Obtain an authorized Department Chair or alternate signature
  • Route the signed form electronically to your accountant
    • Please include the Department ID and student name in the email subject line to allow for easier routing within CALS Dean’s Office (i.e. Student Award Payment, Jane Smith, 07XXXX)