One-Time Exception for CALS Employees for reimbursements older than 90 days

Per campus policy, Deans, Divisional Dean’s Office Directors, or Divisional Business Office Leadership have the authority to grant exceptions for reimbursement requests submitted after 90 days if the reason for being late is an extenuating circumstance.  Extenuating circumstances for employees may be defined as a serious illness or other unforeseen emergency out of the control of the employee. Employee negligence is not considered an extenuating circumstance. All exceptions to the Accountable Plan granted for CALS employees must be approved by the department chair prior to submission to CALS Business Services.  Submissions must provide enough information about the extenuating circumstance and why the reimbursement is being made (i.e. benefit the the UW or sponsored grant, if applicable), and be submitted using the CALS Accountable Plan Exception Request Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our form differs from the campus form. CHAIR’S APPROVAL is required — designees are not allowed to sign.

Steps for submission:

  1. Prepare information and documentation as if submitting an e-reimbursement.
    1. An e-reimbursement report does not have to be created.  It is okay to wait to see if the request will be approved before creating a report.
    2. If an e-reimbursement report has already been created, please note report ID# in the email and on the form.
  2. Fill out the CALS Accountable Plan Exception Request Form.
  3. Have your department chair (not a designee) review, approve and sign the CALS Accountable Plan Exception Request Form.
  4. Submit all detail to the assigned CALS accountant. Please provide a detailed summary of the trip taken, including business purpose of trip or expense and amounts incurred.
  5. Accountant will review the submission as an auditor and determine whether the report is late and has enough detail. The accountant will return the request if more information or detail is needed.
  6. CALS accountant will submit the completed request to Sandy Fowler.
  7. CALS accountant will email approval or denial form back to department approver.
  8. If approved, attach signed form to e-reimbursement and submit. NOTE: No future exceptions will be granted.
  9. If not approved, do not submit an expense report.