UW–Madison Research Tool Kit

The Researcher Toolkit, maintained by UW–Madison Libraries and DoIT, is a resource for CALS faculty, staff, and student researchers that points to helpful resources for each research project phase. These resources assist with planning, data gathering, analysis, visualization, reporting, compliance, outreach, publishing, and closure. The list of resources is available at https://researchertoolkit.wisc.edu/resource-list/. Some resources to note:

Center for High-throughput Computing (CHTC) is a collaborative, high-performance, a high-throughput computation platform that provides facilitation and training for various research projects.

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) is a platform for storing data, observations, notes, and other digital materials generated during the research process. 

Research Data Services (RDS) is a free resource for anyone on the UW–Madison campus that provides consultations, best practice information, and education and training on research data management and sharing.

Research Drive provides secure, shareable storage space on the UW–Madison campus network. ResearchDrive is a university-wide file storage solution for Faculty PIs, permanent PIs, and their research group members. It is suited for various research purposes, including backup, archive, storage for data inputs/outputs of research computing, and others. It is a secure and permanent place for keeping data.

UW–Madison Data Storage Finder focuses on providing discovery for centralized campus research storage services. Local departments may have specialized resources and services available to you, it is recommended to reach out to them for information.

These five examples are part of a list of over 50 services available for technicians and analytical research tools and services. If you have additional questions or requests, please email helpdesk@cals.wisc.edu.