Globus platform available for research data sharing and big data transfers

To help address the increased need for secure research data sharing and big data transfers, the UW–Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT) supports a solution known as Globus, which is available for any faculty or research staff managing and sharing large data sets. 

Globus is a web-based research platform that supports secure data sharing, big data transfers, and data lifecycle automation. Globus connects disparate storage systems together through locally-installed endpoints that are accessible through the web and shareable through a federated identity management system that allows secure sharing with collaborators at other institutions.

Globus already works with many campus services including research computing such as Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC) and the Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC); research cores such as Cryo-EM Research Center and Biotechnology Center; and storage such as ResearchDrive, Shared Drive File Storage, S3 Object Storage, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.
For more information about Globas, visit, email or check in with your departmental IT staff.

Globas Platform as a Service (Paas) Research Data Lifecycle